Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dog Killing Bastards Terrorize Americans

This video has been around for a while but I just heard about it. Killing dogs is a great way to terrorize the populace, cause it's like killing peoples' kids! As the man's reaction shows when he realizes they killed his two dogs, a caged pit bull and a corgie. And it's perfectly legal. Cops serving the search warrant found a tiny bit of marijuana. Thank heavens for Youtube! It makes cops know that they can't always kill in secret. (No wonder they are trying to outlaw citizens filming them.)

I remember when my a dog lover friend of mine and I went to see one of the Waco movies. When they showed the bodies of the six dead dogs in the yard, he had a screaming fit, yelling "Dog killers! Dog killers!" Americans do love their pups!

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