Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Protecting Zion Core of US History - BLEAAAAH

The New Republic's editor Marty Peretz was so enraged by the nomination of appointment of outspoken critic of Israel and US empire building in general Charles W. Freeman, Jr. as chief of the National Intelligence Council Peretz wrote in his column:
But Freeman's real offense (and the president's if he were to appoint him) is that he has questioned the loyalty and patriotism of not only Zionists and other friends of Israel, the great swath of American Jews and their Christian countrymen, who believed that the protection of Zion is at the core of our religious and secular history, from the Pilgrim fathers through Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. And how has he offended this tradition? By publishing and peddling the unabridged John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, with panegyric and hysteria.
Let's see, American was built on liberty, not Zionism; only a few million right-wing Chrisitian nut jobs would destroy the US to protect Israel; Truman was bullied into supporting the creation of Israel and Kennedy may have been assassinated by the Mossad for trying to stop Israel from getting the nuclear bomb.

Let's hope real traitors to the American people like Peretz will STOP driving the American people into the ground with billions of spending on wars that only are good for Israel. On the other hand, a ruined economy is a great way to recruit millions of American (and/or immigrant) soldiers willing to go over and attack and occupy Iran for the safety of Israel.

And they wonder why the secession movement is building - including being joined by many Christian Zionists who - when push comes to shove - are willing to let Israel go scratch if it means their own kids have a future. Just in case Jesus doesn't come back in next two weeks, kill all the noncoverting Jews and establish his kingdom in Israel.

Update: On February 26, 2009 the Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair named Freeman chair of the National Intelligence Council sending this letter praising Freeman to congress. Looks like Obama's starting to show some gumption. More details here.
Update: Three weeks of unrelenting Israel Lobby attacks finally made Freeman decide to throw in the towel - despite the support of his prospective boss, Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair's given in a Senate Hearing under badgering from Israel firster - or spy? -Joe Lieberman. But Freeman used the opportunity to blast the Israel Lobby in the Wall Street Journal. Too bad he didn't quote Marty Peretz' disgusting comments above.
Bottom line: compared to the coming collapse of the economy and the need for cities and states to remove themselves from a defunct federal system, the Israel Lobby is a pimple on the puss pile of American government - assuming Israel doesn't use its Samson Option against Russia of course...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holder's Trivial Example of Cowardice; Bamboozled

In early February 2009 the Washington Post featured an article called Holder Seen as a Chance To Right Racial Wrongs: With First Black Attorney General Come Expectations That Justice System Can Change. His first statement on race does not make one optimistic.

I didn't have a problem with Attorney General Eric Holder calling Americans a nation of cowards - I just had a problem with his examples. Sure, adult blacks and whites should talk about race more at lunch and socialize more outside of work. And there is sometimes a reluctance or reticence to do so by members of both groups that one could call cowardice. This is less true of many of the younger generation, though their parents' fear of letting children go to school with or socialize with poorer, less educated blacks (or in fewer cases whites) can foment current and future cowardice in their own kids.

But there is a far more important issues of cowardice - the refusal to discuss the continued persecution of black males in the justice system. A persecution which Holder himself defacto has engaged in as a prosecutor.

DOJ statistics show as of 2001: ever imprisoned included black males (16.6%), Hispanic males (7.7%), white males (2.6%); black females (1.7%), Hispanic females (0.7%), white females (0.3%); sixty-four percent of state prison inmates belonged to racial or ethnic minorities; 6 in 10 persons in local jails in 2002 were racial or ethnic minorities. Not surprisingly federal prison population only was not summarized and a brief search found more avoidance of that statistic. I think we can assume the worst, since half of federal prisoners are there for drug crimes. For lots of details on blacks convicted of drug crimes see

Sure, Obama - and doubtless Holder - has alluded to this here and there. But this speech was the time to talk about it. If he doesn't soon, he himself will be guilty of the cowardice he bemoans. Holder must know:

* Drug laws were created originally to permit persecution of blacks and Latinos and still are defacto used for that purpose and drugs perceived to be more commonly used by people of color tend to earn greater sentences. See Race and the Drug War.

* A psychological study showed police (and average people) more likely to shoot a black thought to be armed.

* Chronic police shootings and executions of unarmed blacks, including a couple noteworthy ones already in 2009 in California and Georgia. (Will link to comprehensive list when I find one.)

* Driving while black. Barack Obama and Eric Holder both know that once they lose their secret service or other protection, once they are a lone black man driving down a dark road late at night, they are more subject to the whims of any angry or sadistic police officer than the average white person. They know that a cop could shoot them and probably get away with it, if he told a good enough sob story.

* Impediments on street sellers nationwide. All these black men coming out of prison have a hard time getting employment. One of the prime means of self-employment and bootstrapping out of poverty worldwide is opening up your own shop on the street. Washington, DC allows this with the payment of a relativley small sale tax advance; most cities don't allow it. Lots of black men have those businesses in DC (many of them obviously unlicensed). Something for ex-prisoners and their allies to rally around and Obama and Holder should bully pulpit.

But as long as we're just discussing, here's a couple topics:

* Spike Lee's movie Bamboozled. Just saw the very funny and thought provoking movie and Lee makes fun of everyone, layering stereotypes on stereotypes. Or does he?

* And as of the New York Post Shooting-the-Ape-of-Stimulus cartoon... If the cartoon had been an Israeli soldier drinking the blood of dead Palestinian children, would there be any debate at all? Of course not, since both the Ape and the Blood Drinker are well known ethnic stereotypes rendered as slurs. Only a total ignoramus wouldn't know that. Does the Post hire total ignoramuses?

* And while we are at it, let's compare and contrast all this to private, public and "artistic" violence against and hatred of women of all colors.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

To end: Eric and Barack - start discussing the real violence done to black men, violence which you yourselves continue to perpetrate in your current political offices and which you may be subjected to someday, officially or unofficially, in this still cowardly and racist society...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The People Want Peace - But the Leaders Want War

That's a song I just put up as a short music video for this song contest, rewriting it slightly for the "create peace" theme, which just improved the final lyrics. Yes, I know my casio keyboard sounds corny and its limited range strains my voice. But hey, I'm a dilettante. Feel free to rate it after you listen!

By the way, the origin of the song?
In the year 2000 a left wing "witch" who was a leader of the DC anti-globalization movement called me up one day to tell me I was a "peace nazi" for criticizing the black bloc for wanting to smash things and fight with cops. I knew how much she and her buddies had intimidated and bullied other pacifists who opposed this "war on the cops." And the song sprung full blown into my brain. I wrote a whole book on the topic called The Return of Street Fighting Man. One of these days I'll put it in paperback.

Update on Politically correct caveat: Speaking of promoting negative stereotypes - a topic explored in very next blog entry - I was waiting for someone to point out how negative the witch graphic is (even if it does look a lot like the face and soul of the individual female in question). Caught in the act! Let me dance around and see if I can find an excuse..."the witch made me do it"? "Oppressive personalities deserve to be ridiculed as long as the stereotype isn't too vicious. (And when was the last time a woman was burned as a witch?)" "So I'm a little bit of a hypocrite, my position as an oppressed female allows it." "Hell, it's funny!" I'll keep working on it...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lincoln/Obama: Read State Sovereignty Resolutions

Thinking about how to "celebrate" Lincoln's birthday - since I'm still squelching my urges to go down to the White House employees' busy lunch time entrance and yell rude-TRUE things like I used to do at Bush employees.... I'll send this message to Lincoln - and to Barack Hussein Obama and his Obamaphiles.

First, on Lincoln - you known that president who took two whole years to free the slaves, and then only the ones in states that had seceded. Anyway that Lincoln is probably back in his second or even third re-incarnation since he died in 1865 - 50%
plus chance he's a woman and a person of color and/or Latino. Wonder if s/he's currently calling for freedom for the Palestinian captives, the subject of my Inauguration week video.

Second, not much chance Obama's going to free the Palestinian captives:

* Obama made his chief of staff RahmEmanuel, the son of an Zionist Irgun terrorist who may have raped and murdered Arab women at Dier Yassin, and who himself has joked about being "central castings" idea of a terrorist. (
Rahm wants to take the guns of anyone who happens to end up on the "no fly" list - or is put there by political enemies of Israel and oh, this country, whatever it is called?)
* Obama barely complained at all about Israel's murderous assault on Gaza

* Obama refused to admit Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons when directly confronted by that great Arab truth teller Helen Thomas during his recent night time press conference (which I didn't bother to watch because I'm getting tired of his constant televised yapping; a regular yapping Bill Clinton - both are Leos like my yappy housemate).

* Obama's busy keeping the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and still threatening Iran, for the protection of Israel, of course, no matter how many trillions it costs US. He'll have to institute draft slavery to truly protect Israel, of course.
* If Israel's leader interrupted Obama's speech and demanded he come to the phone like Bush did, would he?
* Obama hasn't sent a strong message to Israel to free the Palestinian captives because he wants the AIPAC-enslaved congress to push his socialist program for America - including Rahm Emanuel's great idea to refuse to let anyone on the government's no fly list to own a hand gun (no word on whether people will have the right to see their files on information that put them on that list.)

* But the good news is I keep getting messages on a Jewish libertarian list I lurk on that Obama wants to free the Arab victims of Israel - I mean destroy Israel, as they put it. (You can imagine what they say about me from time to time.)

Third, I think Obama's hatred of that government-created entity the corporation has made him hate free markets, just like Mr. Big Government Lincoln. (For free market purists, yes, I know corporations could be created by contract, with their liability only limited to those who contractually agreed to limit it with them, not by government as currently.)

Obama thinks 2 trillion dollars of government spending will help the economy - instead of leading to massive inflation and deeper depression. He thinks it is "ideological" to be for tax and spending cuts. He was fresh out of high school in 1978-80 when Jimmy Carter's inflation was out of control so probably has forgotten all about it. And that's when the national debt and spending was negligible compared to today! But experience is the great teacher...

By the way, you have heard that the "stimulating inflation/depression" bill includes demands doctors report every treatment they give patients so the government can monitor cost effectiveness and efficiency - plus possibly eventually make it illegal to prescribe expensive treatments for people deemed unworthy of it, even those paying themselves! Very Lincolnesque.

Well, nah nah, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Obama, here's eight states whose representatives are starting to get uppity enough to pass various resolutions for state sovereignty, not all of which are exactly libertarian, may I add. At some point all those state employees who realize they'll never get their pensions unless their state secedes and keeps all federal proceeds will support secession too. At least til city employees push secessionism movements so they can get THEIR pensions. Ha ha ha. Then it will be the secessionist libertarians' job to make sure none of those blood suckers get their pensions at all. Ho ho ho.

Washington HJM 4009 - 2009-10 Claiming state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment.
New Hampshire HCR 6 – as Introduced 2009 Session House Concurrent Resolution 6 - affirming States’ rights based on Jeffersonian principles.
Arizona A concurrent RESOLUTION claiming sovereignty under the tenth amendment to the constitution of the united states over certain powers, serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain mandates and providing that certain federal legislation be prohibited or repealed.
Montana 2009 Montana Legislature House Bill No. 246 A Bill for an Act Entitled: "An Act Exempting from Federal Regulation under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution of the United States a Firearm, a Firearm Accessory, or Ammunition Manufactured and Retained in Montana; Providing for the Duties of the Attorney General; and Providing an Applicability Date."
Michigan House Concurrent Resolution No. 4. A concurrent resolution to affirm Michigan’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and to urge the federal government to halt its practice of imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the Constitution of the United States.
Missouri HR 212 Declares Missouri's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment and urges the United States Congress to reject the passage of the federal Freedom of Choice Act which prohibits regulations on abortion
Oklahoma January 7, 2009 State legislator Charles Key Tenth Amendment Resolution
Hawaii Hawaiian Constitutional Convention

Well, the sunspot cycle is slowly rising out of its doldrums. The secession movement is getting ready to explode. And of course it will be the typical macho explosion of men with rocks and guns trying to prove their manhood. Can a few feminist pacifists stop them... time will tell. (Visit this site monthly for updates to the chart at left.)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day - Deja Vu

See my long 2007 celebration of this great pagan holiday (six weeks after Winter Solstice; just like Halloween is six weeks after Fall Equinox and May Day six weeks after the Spring Equinox). And of course the movie Groundhog Day - trailer below - is a great reincarnation movie. Take that patriarchal, phallus-centered religions!