Sunday, February 15, 2009

The People Want Peace - But the Leaders Want War

That's a song I just put up as a short music video for this song contest, rewriting it slightly for the "create peace" theme, which just improved the final lyrics. Yes, I know my casio keyboard sounds corny and its limited range strains my voice. But hey, I'm a dilettante. Feel free to rate it after you listen!

By the way, the origin of the song?
In the year 2000 a left wing "witch" who was a leader of the DC anti-globalization movement called me up one day to tell me I was a "peace nazi" for criticizing the black bloc for wanting to smash things and fight with cops. I knew how much she and her buddies had intimidated and bullied other pacifists who opposed this "war on the cops." And the song sprung full blown into my brain. I wrote a whole book on the topic called The Return of Street Fighting Man. One of these days I'll put it in paperback.

Update on Politically correct caveat: Speaking of promoting negative stereotypes - a topic explored in very next blog entry - I was waiting for someone to point out how negative the witch graphic is (even if it does look a lot like the face and soul of the individual female in question). Caught in the act! Let me dance around and see if I can find an excuse..."the witch made me do it"? "Oppressive personalities deserve to be ridiculed as long as the stereotype isn't too vicious. (And when was the last time a woman was burned as a witch?)" "So I'm a little bit of a hypocrite, my position as an oppressed female allows it." "Hell, it's funny!" I'll keep working on it...

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