Sunday, July 06, 2008

Is Senator Joe Lieberman an Israeli Spy??

I was half listening to Senator Joe Lieberman on an ABC Sunday Morning talk show yap about bombing Iran for the good of Israel, oh, yeah, and America, too. (Lieberman, of course, is the defeated 2000 Democratic V.P. candidate who turned Independent when Connecticut Dems rejected him for his pro-Israel pro-war mongering in 2006. The one some think would be John McCain's ideal V.P.)

Suddenly it occurred to me, could Lieberman be an Israeli Spy? Could that be an undercover Mossad Agent contact to Lieberman's left in the photo?

After all, two "vetted" Bush administration officials, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, got fired in their younger days for passing along information to Israelis, and they still got high level access to government secrets under Bush. So why not a NON-vetted elected official?

And there have been enough Israeli spies infiltrating the American establishment in the news the last few years. (See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here, just for starters.) And Lieberman has complete access to all sorts of classified information in his positions on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Armed Services committees.

If I was a reporter I'd go and find out. Living in DC, I guess I could always go make and appointment as a "prominent blogger" (heh heh) with a Lieberman aide and start spending a couple hours a day making contacts, searching down leads, etc. etc. til I found out or gave up.

But I think I'd rather spend the time working on my Secession Blog and my Secession.Net web page. After all, swat down one congressional spy, and two or three will just take his place.

UPDATE: Sign the Lieberman Must Go petition - and watch excellent video. 43,000 signatures already and a very energetic crew promoting it.

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