Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tiananman, Waco and Freedom Lovers

Me protesting in June 1989 at the Chinese Embassy in front of the same symbol students put up during the Tiananmen Square protests which ended in mass slaughter by the state. (Four years later the US government would massacre 82 civilians at Waco and similarly cover up the motives for and savagery of their attack.)

And here's a photo of the new Chinese embassy, whose construction I wrote about when they were building it back in 2006 - and running off any Americans who tried to take photos. (It's about ten stories deep beneath street level - great for a nuclear bomb shelter or generators for spy equipment.) Plus another later rant on a similar topic here.
Of course, as a libertarian I'd be comfortable with a 100 million Chinese moving here, preferably to a continent filled with independent communities making their own immigration policies. Just make sure you leave your communists, state capitalists and weapons of mass destruction back there. True freedom lovers are always welcome.

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