Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea Party Protest Photos

I found some fun photos from the April Chicago demonstration I thought I'd share. While a majority of these people are truly freedom oriented, too many are just knee-jerk puppets of Rush, Newt and other neocon mind manipulators, and soon enough of the next hypocritical warmongering Republican presidential candidate. In the future, the good ones may waste their time working on reformist measures, loosing fights against special interests, like attempts to amend the constitution ala Randy Barnett's Federalism Amendment.

How many will be open to going straight for dissolution of the empire - preferably through peaceful secession of cities, counties, regions and smaller states? Time will tell. And if I got off my dead butt and did some writing or organizing I could do my part to influence activists to do the latter.

Photos from Showing their photos doesn't mean I agree with everything they may put on their blogs, oh future nitpickers.

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