Monday, December 10, 2007

Videos About Consciousness

I've been busy making sample videos for getting my personal/political video editing business going - about two months behind schedule, so I'll miss the Christmas rush. At some point I do want to do some videos on my views of consciousness as the nature and purpose of reality, per my book in progress CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITY: TRANSCENDING GOD AND STATE.
Right now we are in a season of spiritual celebration, i.e., we celebrate that after the shortest day the days will get longer and our billions of consciousness will not freeze in the dark! (Or fry in the sun, if you live in the southern hemisphere and are happy to see the days get shorter!)
So I'm sharing a few videos that make an effort to understand the meaning and purpose of reality. Of course, none of them make the connection between spiritual realization and voluntary social organization without a coercive state, so all of them ultimately fail. But some interesting thoughts and footage never the less.

"Toward Integral Consciousness"

"Meher Baba and the Evolution of Consciousness"

"Welcome to 2012"

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