Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ron Paul Defends Non-Interventionism vs. Wolfe Blitzer

Great and long December 2, 2007 Ron Paul interview on CNN with Wolfe Blitzer below about non-interventionism and the CNN YouTube debate - that did not run my question on secession!! See Ron Paul's official Youtube site.
Note that there WILL be Libertarian Party presidential and vice-presidential candidates who hopefully will be two of these three solid libertarians: Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Christine Smith.
So save some of your contribution money for them!
And don't pay any attention to the Libertarian Party's listing of candidates here. It looks like a crappy party fund raising scheme by some republican apparatchiks who have taken over too much of the national party structure. But don't get me started on "libertarian" centralized organizations. A couple of the financially leading candidates there are unknown to me. The big money contributor Wayne Root is a Rich Republican Gambler trying to get the nomination so he defend his right to gamble, and it looks like here, defend his favorite nation state, Israel. He certainly is in favor of denying free speech to its critics. OI!!

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