Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Solstice! And two new music videos!

Dear Friends and Passerbys!

As a happy holiday present to all of those in both the north and southern and southern hemispheres, I've created this MERRY SOLSTICE (Here Comes the Sun) video.

Plus I put one of my classic songs NO NATIONS! NO NUKES! to video. (Name of our anarchist/libertarian coalition that marched in the big 1982 NYC anti-nuke rally)
No Nations! No Nukes! Oh, listen people now.
No Nations! No Nukes! Our time is running out......
One world, no nations. One world, no nations.... etc.
(See those nation states dissolve before your eyes!)

PLUS I made a video of a newer song I actually created during a 2005 peace rally to address some counter protesters: I DIED FOR A LIE (A Soldier's Lament).
I died for a lie, I died for a lie.
Why stand by the liars side,
When I died for their lie??

Also: I'm starting my CarolMoore.US Personal and Political Video Editing services in January. (For all those personal and rally photo and/or video montages you just don't have time to put together!) Keep checking the page as I put up professional quality samples over next two weeks.

I'm putting most of my activism in 2008 into writing articles and books, making videos of my huge collection of political songs, and helping others get their messages out on video.

Get on CarolMoore-Announce for other announcements of what I'm up to.

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