Thursday, October 18, 2007

Would Any One Obey if Bush Declared Martial Law??

Ralph Nader reveals that Congressman Olver, Democrat, Massachusetts wrote to constituents something I've been saying for two years. If the Democrats impeach President George W. Bush (aka the greatest fool ever to inhabit the office), Bush will bomb Iran, declare martial law and cancel the 2008 elections.
That's why I haven't been too excited about impeachment - I'd rather wait til the height of the next sunspot cycle so liberals can organize a movement to prosecute, try, convict and imprison Bush and his traitorous neocon cronies. (That will keep them busy while the rest of us secede from the union.)
But with Bush at 24% approval ratings, the question is: would anyone obey him if he DID declare martial law? Military officers who think he's a reckless fool who listens more to Israeli generals than American generals? The National Guard who may decide to protect the nation instead of Bush and his cronies' asses? The police who might decide it's time for a national strike for better working conditions? Anyone besides a few hundred brainwashed right wing Freepers and Gathering of Idiots? You know the same people who will be out protesting against Hillary's wars if she gets elected, just like they protested Clinton's wars.
Watch the video from that energetic chronicler of DC protests and events William Hughes' youtube page. (Button available at Radical Buttons.Com; t-shirts at Cafepress.Com/RadicalStuff.)


Anonymous said...

Carol -

I have been saying for several years that Bush (or his handlers) would declare martial law and cancel the 2008 elections if his agenda were threatened. It doesn't even necessarily require articles of impeachment for him to do so. This opinion has been met with utter disbelief, even here in "ultra-liberal" Massachusetts. This disbelief is one reason martial law is actually feasible.

The military, in my opinion, would indeed go along with such an action. They have been trashing the Constitution for so long, how can you doubt it? Cf. Chalmers Johnson's trilogy "The Sorrows of Empire," "Blowback," and especially the third volume, newly published, "Nemesis, the last days of the American Republic." In many respects, we already have an authoritarian, militaristic government, with an agenda of empire and protection of an economic elite.

george chapman said...

I was present at the meeting with John Olver and heard his comments. They made my blood run cold. I had, too, been aware of the possibility of this extreme action since the '04 election, but to hear this "concern" from an "insider" was a very educating experience. If the imposition of martial law has been a consideration of some adm. heavy weights then we should already be seeing the "preparatory steps" being implemented: loss of habaeus corpus; fed control of national guard; generals setting policy....I don't know, and perhaps this is what worries me the most.