Saturday, February 03, 2007

150,000 Peaceniks Lift My Spirits! See Video

I've been depressed the last few dreary winter months. Between the Israel Lobby/neocon push to make Bush bomb Iran, the peace movements and Democrats' half-hearted attempts to stop it, and being constantly broke working more to stop it than support myself, I've been pretty down.
Nevertheless United for Peace and Justice's star-studded Saturday, January 27th 150,000 plus person rally and march did cheer me! See my last blog entry.
See my video of what I call the "US Out of Middle East! 01-27-07 Rally. " See hard core chants of "WHEN PEOPLE ARE OCCUPIED RESISTANCE IS JUSTIFIED!" And my photo at the end meant to keep my sweet rump out of Homeland Security's greedy hands. Plus see my photos page here. Buttons and t-shirts as always available, linked at the right hand panel ===>>
Can you guess what famous blogger is smoking the cigar?

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IsisDC said...

I would know Jim anywhere...bwahahahaa....