Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines vs. Bigotry

Today, when there was yet another brouhaha over alleged bigotry on a list serve, I sent an earlier version of the "Real vs. Imagined Bigotry" piece below. Then I updated it for this blog.
Let's face it, right now Bush/Olmert and Company are willing to use nuclear weapons and even start a world nuclear war because of their REAL bigotry. They oppose the possibility that Muslims, Arabs, Russians, Chinese -- or anyone besides Judeo-Christians (preferably White Anglo-Saxon and Jewish/Israeli) -- might control the world's resources and political/military institutions. They would rather destroy the world! And, of course, they use false allegations of bigotry to excuse their "war on terrorism" which really is a war on Muslims and Arabs -- and any group that stands up for the individual or group or state rights of those not part of their religious/ethnic clique. (Obviously, my statements will be viewed subjectively by various readers who may stick them into some other category than that which I would, i.e., a statement analyzing real bigotry.)
Anyway, think about the below and let's hope that there are NOT only a billion of us left on the planet to celebrate a very irradiated Valentine's Day NEXT year. . .
See my article ever in progress:
(updated version here)
P.S. Why are Bush and company so determined to kill MY VALENTINES?? Their handsome photo below.

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