Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fasting to A Higher Consciousness?? Day 3

Yes, Carol has joined all those "Hollywood Fasters" and the thousands of men and women fasting for peace nationwide and here in DC.
Photos of
TROOPS HOME FASTers at Gandhi statute on July 3 and Carol's weight (yes 191.8 lbs) on July 4th. See video my page on and more photos at
As for the state of my consciousness, the first thing I noticed when I started fasting was my constant desire to eat because I was BORED!! Yes, it is true, spending 8 - 10 hours a day pounding away here making revolution (even as a very handsome black male dog sleeps on my bed to keep me company) , as much fun as it is, is NOT enough!! Not enough to satisfy my inherent need for love, learning, and self-actualization! And so I cook (and I'm so good at it!) and eat as a means of diversion. I ate my way up to 230 lbs by late 2004.
And then I had my first GALL BLADDER attack so I knew I had to change my wicked ways. With a little help from a sweet and loving friend (but dang he won't marry me!!) I lost 50 lbs during 2005. (And gained 10 lbs back last winter.) So maybe with the help of TROOPS HOME FAST I'll lose another 20 - 30 lbs this year.
Weak gall bladders and hearts run in the family, so if at 58 - with NO health insurance, of course!! - I want to live to make the big revolutions of 2010-2015, I gotta get thin and healthy!
Thanks for listening guys!! Keep coming back!

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Susan said...

Go, Carol!

I think my GB is also trying to making me into a potential faster, so maybe I'll join you soon.