Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Repeat Repeatedly: Right to Alter or Abolish Government

Repetition is a basic principle of advertising. Thus my shirt AND sign. Photo of Carol with Kristinn Taylor of FreeRepublic.Com who was counter-protesting the TROOPS OUT FAST fasters, of whom I have been one for the last 30 hours.
DC FreeRepublic (AKA Freepers, or, as local peaceniks call them, "Little Friends of Satan") used to protest with us against Bill Clinton's attacks on Iraq and Serbia. But Bush's wars don't bother them Now!
Hey, if it's between the women in pink chanting KING GEORGE OUT and the Bush supporters, who would YOU choose?
On the 5th I put up a fun video from the 37th Annual Marijuana Smoke-In a few hundred feet from the TROOPS OUT FAST fasters vigil. And, yes, you'll see some repetition there!

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