Monday, July 10, 2006

Ended "Troops Home Fast" on Day 6

The old gall bladder was pinching and the chest pains and heart palpitations were increasing -- and then my roommate brought home the barbequed ribs...
I waited a few hours til exactly six days had past and I ate a couple. Thus ended my noble fast against war. But I lost five pounds and my eating compulsion definitely feels more under control. Towards the end NOT eating just felt more natural! So I'll give it a few days rest and maybe start again. Try it! Just a day or two can make you feel a lot better -- and send a message to the universe (since Bush isn't listening) that we need peace on earth.
Check out TROOPS HOME FAST See photos of Day 5 at my photos page. Also I put up my great video of Iraqi and Iraq veteran speakers at the Gandhi statue - at YouTube.Com.

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