Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taking on SATAN - Again!

Gosh, this sure is my year for taking on Satan! On June 6, 2006 (6-6-6) I motivated local activists to hold a really fun NO ARMAGEDDON FOR BUSH rally, complete with exorcism. See demo description and photos as well as video of the exorcism by Bill the video guy.

Then I found out yet ANOTHER Satan is coming to town -- John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel. He's hell bound on making sure Israel doesn't give up an inch of stolen land and on forcing the U.S. to do a pre-emptive (probably nuclear) strike on Iran. So we'll be protesting his star-studded event July 18th. (If you consider the likes of Jerry Falwell, Gary Bauer and a bunch of Senatorial sellouts to be stars.)
If nuclear bombs aimed towards and then exploding just a few hundred miles from Russia's border do not start John Hagee's Armageddon, I don't know what will. Now here's a guy who REALLY wants to stand on the right side of the throne next to Jesus! Of course, most of these people are total hypocrits, since they believe Jesus will kill all the Jews who don't convert when he returns. Many pro-Israel Jews know this but work with them anyway, since they don't think Jesus is coming back and aren't too worried about it. Of course, AIPAC types probably ARE a little worried this lobby will become stronger than AIPAC and really start bossing around Israel -- and maybe even Jews in this country, if they got enough power. Well, DUH!!!
You know I wrote a book -- THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE -- on the government's massacre and cover up at Waco and became an advocate for the Davidian prisoners. I helped them get Steve Halbrook, the nation's top Second Amendment attorney, who convinced the Supreme Court to lop 25 years off their sentences. So most of them -- except one stubborn non-cooperating Taurus the bull -- are being released this year.
But you can bet the Branch Davidians are a lot saner than Hagee and his crew. They are leaving it up to God to make any Armageddon happen. They are not trying to HURRY UP Armageddon like Hagee and company. For more information on these Christian fundamentalist mad men see the informative "Armageddon Lobby" page.
Even as a radical decentralist (see Secession.Net) who wants to see the break up of the big nation states, I don't want to achieve MY paradise through a world nuclear war that would destroy those states and kill off half of humanity -- mostly white people in the northern hemisphere, in case you haven't thought about it.
As a student of conscious, I know there really isn't a "SATAN" -- even if some humans are pretty darn satanic! There is only human ignorance, human wilfulness, and human creativity used to create enemies and ways to kill them instead of friends and ways to love them. Hey, I do it all the time myself! But at least I'm consciousness enough to KNOW I'm doing it and try to stop it! Why do you think I go to all those 12-step meetings? I'm Carol and I'm a "stomp on your enemies for fun and profit" addict! But I really DO want to recover!!


Thomas L. Knapp said...

Hiya, Carol!

I was just thinking about your book yesterday -- I was sitting with my kids while they completed their homeschool history assignment for the day, which happened to be watching "Waco: Rules of Engagement" (Missouri doesn't try to mandate government approval of homeschool curricula, hehe!).

And, although I hadn't noticed it before through multiple viewings, all of a sudden there you were on the screen, taking notes at a hearing.

When we visited Mount Carmel a couple of years ago, there were three books for sale at the visitors' center. Unprompted, the gentleman running the place recommended yours versus the others.

Tom Knapp

belledame222 said...

This is what scares the flying fuck out of me.

gah. so sick of these people. you want to be with Jesus so bad? GO already. just leave the rest of us out of it please.