Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Women speak out, shrivel male testosterone...

She's back!! Here, anyway.  Of course I rant away at Facebook still. Usually in much shorter form.  Here's a long one from today. And I just made the meme!!
As a testosterone shriveling feminist, the spate of disclosures and exposes by brave women of sexist pigs left and right has been delightful. And let's not forget for every woman brave enough to speak out in the case of the serial abusers, there probably are 2 or 3 times as many who never will speak out.

I certainly have a number of stories which I share here and there, including the full range of actual and attempted physical abuse, both in social and employment situations. Nothing that would make the news, unless I pressed charges. None of the "famous" people I knew over the years even came on to me, so no big revelations here!! But the minor creeps were exposed among my peers.

Socially, being more sexually aggressive than most women, I often was too busy chasing the ones I wanted to spend much time worrying about the ones pursuing me. Plus it was fun making fun of the ones who came on to me who turned me off.

Job-wise, in my 20s when this was a particular problem, I always quit any job where one or more male assholes pulled that crap and tried to keep power over me. (Except for a couple who turned me on and we did the nasty.) And I'm sure there are millions of women like me, many of whom effectively gave up careers to avoid harassment and are as broke as I am in my old age.

Of course now men are saying "Oh, I'm afraid to be alone with women in offices now. We better not hire them." No, jerk weed, that's not the answer. Tell all the other jerk weeds to cut out the crap and then it won't be an issue any more. And media, keep exposing these jerks and women keep speaking out.

And, per the below, women beware loud male feminists!

I can think of two progressives in particular, proclaimed bisexual males, who were two of the slimiest sexists I know. (Though having had a lot of bisexual boyfriends, I'm not putting down all bisexuals.)

Though, if I search my memory, another 10 or 15 "progressives" will pop into memory. Ooops, three more just did. And at least a few libertarian men proclaim themselves to be feminists. And Ooops! the two who came immediately to mind were the first to scream TERF at me. (You can ask them what THEY mean. I mean TOTALLY EXCEPTIONAL RADICAL FEMALE. ) Anyhoo... couple relevant articles.

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