Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump sex and violence scandals

Trump's advocacy of violence against protesters and who knows who else has been well documented by now in video and quotes like at Mashable. And media criticism at Mediate. Definitely the scariest aspect of his personality - besides the fear of a big and/or nuclear war caused by some little affront to his ego.  I don't think he'll get elected, but even pundits have started talking about real riots in the streets this long hot summer, including at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

As one pundit put it, Trump's real message is "Make America White Again" and people of color get that message from him.  By 2050 more than half of American will be people of color. Get used to it! (We're mostly all coming back people of color in our next life. So get used to that, too.)
March 8 was International Womens Day.  Have we overthrown patriarchy yet? By raising the consciousnesses of the alpha males who maintain a violent hold on society. Or at least that of those guys and gals who let them get away with it...

So this week I belatedly discovered that besides Trump's obvious homoerotic overtures to the likes of Mitt Romney, he has quite a history of heterosexual abuse. This includes alleged molestation, rape and pimping from not highly reliable sources, but that's where those kind of accusations usually start, before they work their way up. There even are inferences that he pimped his current wife Melania who once worked for Trump Models. (As a libertarian I do believe those few women who voluntarily become sex workers have a right to do so; but I also know most women are driven into sex work by poverty or manipulative or abusive males.)

Trump definitely did have Melania pose nude in his airplane, a photo that landed on the cover of Gentlemans Quarterly in 2000. (The Guardian story here.) He married her a few years later.

Meanwhile, of course, another First Lady has died, Nancy Reagan. I always liked her "Ronnie" despite his faults and certainly feel that many of the attacks on Nancy over the years were undue.  Hearing how she encouraged him to work with Gorbachev, including on reducing the number of nuclear weapons, certainly was heartening.  Of course, one does have to wonder if poor Nancy was watching Trump repeatedly comparing himself to Ronald Reagan. How disgusted she must have been.  And did she hear Trump inferring on March 3rd that Mitt Romney should give him fellatio and boasting on national television a few hours later about how big his penis was. If Nancy watched all that, it would not be surprising why she died of heart failure only two days later!

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