Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Put cameras on the damned cops, already....

Another disgusting show of injustice by the racist US court system in finding the officer not prosecutable for the killing of Michael Brown.  The more one hears about the prosecutor's grand jury manipulations, the more disgusted one gets.  (Released documents here.) We need cameras on these cops' bodies so we don't have to take their word for what really happened any more. But of course, that's only the beginning of what we need to end racist and patriarchal oppression. See

Update:   Obviously, the video of Michael Brown's stepfather screaming "Burn this bitch down" expressed the frustration of millions of blacks after centuries of slavery followed by Jim Crow oppression followed by "Daddy State" oppression (we'll give government jobs to your sell outs and feed your poor kids if you stay out of our neighborhoods, don't marry our daughters, and let us kill or imprison enough of your adult males to keep you under our white supremacist control.) And of course the cops DO let them burn down their own neighborhoods and businesses in order to teach them a lesson.It happened in the 1960s and it happened in Ferguson. (In 1992 after Rodney King police acquittal, the cops weren't quite as much in control in Los Angeles; rioters burned down a lot of stores in half white neighborhoods, including the one I'd lived in a few years earlier.) 

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