Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bullets or missle brought down MH-17?

Geez, they only now are collecting the carcass of the Malaysian commercial airliner MH-17 that was shot down over the Ukraine in July, 2014.The Western media continues to scream that Ukrainian rebels armed with a Russian ground to air missile did it. Even Al-Jazeera just assumes it's a missile from Ukrainian rebels. Both the US and Russia are stonewalling/taking their time on handing over satellite and radar evidence. 

The RT video below presents the Russian view that it was 30 millimeter bullets from a Ukrainian fighter jet that shot down the plane. Most impressive is photographs of the very noticeable vapor trail such a missile would leave, video of Russians using such bullets to shoot into some old planes, comparison of the damage to that on MH-17, and eye witnesses who are sure they heard a plane.  There are a couple questionable assertions I didn't bother to check and there's a noticeable lack of some radar evidence presented last summer indicating an aircraft.

There's been lots of time since July to tamper with the evidence in the field; and there will be more opportunities once it gets into the hands of the Ukrainian government whose security apparatus has been infiltrated by Ukraine's Right Sector neofascists. Most infamously Andriy Parubiy who was a top security secretary from after the February coup to August 2014 when he mysteriously was driven from power. But now he's head of the People's Front party that just got 22% of the seats in Ukraine's Parliament. They have their own military council of which he's part.

Hope there are some honest people watching the evidence every minute. If there are they'll probably turn up dead in a field with a big fat round in their head. 

It's strange that with all the exposes about right-wing white power ultra-nationalist neo-fascist violent crazies threatening the US and Europe, when one like the Right Sector actually becomes prominent in a government, the US/NATO pretend it's not a factor. They can't admit even to themselves the possibility that a Right Sector leader/militant ordered or facilitated the shoot down of the plane to make Russia look bad and get US/NATO reinforcement.Or maybe they've figured it out and thus are keeping the Ukrainians at arms length, using them just as pawns in US/NATO plans to further crush Russia and it's many growing alliances worldwide.  

I hate power politics!!  But every now and then you have to exercise your mind and write about it.

It's a scary world we live in when people can shoot down a commercial plane and giant powers and their underlings can suppress evidence.  And these scary people still have lots of nukes and continue to bleed us dry.

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