Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not feminine enough? You Must Have Sex Change Operation!!!

Excellent video. Glad she realized the truth - you don't have to have a sex change operation just because you are a "butch lesbian" - before it was too late and she had any operations. It's incredible hearing from young women the new mind fuck imposed on women today.

When I was young it was just an insult to say you weren't feminine enough. Today, it's a command that you change your sex to male so that some males don't have to put up with any females who aren't feminine enough! Or who are butch lesbians. Un-fucking believable.

Don't even get me started on the rising realization among tens of thousands of feminists - transgenderism is just another patriarchal plot against women. Male to female transgenders being real strong censors to keep women-born women in line, since evidently the female censors haven't been up to the job! You males who support such B.S. have just gone too far this time! Females who go along with it are just getting scammed by patriarchs.

Twenty years ago transvestism and transgenderism seemed like fun and entertaining options for free spirits - now the latter especially has become one more tool of patriarchal oppression. Bummer!

Update Winter Solstice 2016: The original video was removed but here's another from a detransitioned woman to male transgender who has decided she's happy to be a butch lesbian. (Haven't watched this one but have seen Heath speak in other videos.)

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