Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is it spring yet?

Been cuddling under the covers with lower life forms, drinking hot choclate and coffee, and dismissing every blog post thought that came to mind this snowy winter. But we've had two warmish days in a row, the trees are budding, the pollen is attacking, and it's time to show a sign of life, before I get too bogged down in yard work.  Unwritten blog entry titles with funny saved facebook photos will have to make up for last couple months:
* Free Crimea!! - From Ukraine and Russia, if it decides it wants out. But reparations for anyone driven off their land who can still identify it; and either general amnesty or trials for all murdering/torturing govt officials, no matter their party or nationality. (And western world, please stop supporting the fascist Right Sector!!)
* Free RT!! Russia Today TV Network was more fun before Putin became President again in 2013 - but what do you expect Russia to do in self-defense with US imperialist surrounding them with nukes and/or missile defense systems??  Imperialism breeds imperialism.

* Tough to be a woman - say the transgender males to females who fully have transitioned. "I didn't know how much more respect I got as a male! No one listens to me. They blame me for things they guys screw up. It's unbelievable!!" Welcome to the club, former boys...but mess with me in the women's room and you'll get a kick in whatever's left down there now... Sorry, if female self-defense against rapists bothers you, old Chip.

* Geez, those sunspots! The number of sunspots is relatively low this cycle (bottom line in purple shows where we are as of March 2014). Nevertheless there are lots of riots and revolutions going on worldwide this fall and winter (not to mention last 3 years since cycle went up again).  Of course, height of sunspot cycles often are followed by big economic recessions, as people burn out from their economic exuberance and going into debt, so we'll see what happens. (The 2008 recession was a result of all the spending G.W. Bush did to get out of the recession after 2000 height of sunspot cycle! So next should be even worse. You read it here - 3/29/14.)

* Free the Republican Party - from the necons and let the Rand Paul-ian quasi-libertarians take over. Then all the Rand-Palian quasi-libertarians infiltrating the Libertarian Party can go back where they belong.
* Missing Malaysian flight - is it about ratings or HOPING terrorists did it? Oh, terrorists are about ratings too - and bigger government, you big-government-regulated mainstream media dummies...
* Never move near a big cliff - Like right below a 600 foot cliff that might collapse any minute and then did. If people speculate it looks like terrorism, you'll get more media than you want for your tragedy.

* Happy Irish Freedom Day!

* Danged Israelis, at it again.

* Danged Egyptians, at it again. Roughing up Medea Benjamin at the airport because she wanted to visit Gaza and show solidarity with the inhabitants of a big concentration camp.

* Danged Obama, at it again. (Should we start a betting pool on how soon after his presidency is over he comes out of the bisexual closet and frees the bisexuals once and for all??)

*Anything else of interest?  (Besides the fear the new necon president won't be so chummy with Putin and thus start World War Three?) Will add if critical. A few fun things in next post.

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