Sunday, January 19, 2014

It was fifty years ago today...

Well, sometime in the last three weeks, fifty years ago, anyway. That's when I became a BEATLEMANIAC!  At the age of 16, in 1964, I saw them twice in person, in Atlantic City and New York City.  (My younger sister loved Paul; I loved John. Our loves propelled us to get our tickets in a timely fashion.) My story ended up in in the book WE"RE GOING TO SEE THE BEATLES. (See my video below or biography mention. Enjoy my Faux Beatles music creation created before Youtube let you put in copyrighted music; guess I could change it now...)  

1964 also was the year I read Ayn Rand for the first time and rejected the Patriarch God. Of course around the same time, on a spring evening filled with essence of life, I had an experience that all reality was alive and connected. And the Beatles made me appreciate the truth of that. Between the three experiences, that was the end of Catholicism for me! 

Well, who knows how many more years I have in this body. Maybe on this 50th anniversary I'll get my butt moving and get serious about making the revolution. Yoo Ha!!

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