Sunday, October 21, 2012

Binders full of hookers and models

That's what I first thought of when I heard Romney make his stupid comment about "binders full of women." While a couple of graphics below got the hint, today when I searched the internet for anyone else who had a written comment on this I found just one explicit entry - and from a woman. 

Even Romney in his constricted Mormon world - which still DOES intersect with this carnal one - must have run across the concept of flipping through binders full of photos of women models and women unlicensed sex therapists (which is what such women are, because males are afraid they might have to pay more if sex for money was legal)!!

So that's the unconscious subtext of this. Or maybe NOT so unconscious, for many males anyway.  Now what percent of males have gone on line and looked at internet binders full of models and/or prostitutes? What percent of males have paid for it from professionals? dates? girl friends? wives?

If women only had sex with males for love or lust, many males feel they would be left out, cause who could love them or lust after them??  Well, males, you created the culture that makes you feel that way - and males and females must break out of that culture together.  First and foremost by eliminating the structural institutions that encourage male emotional coldness and violence: the military and the nation states they hold together through threats of mass murder. See my article Woman vs. the Nation State and my site

Now let's just PRAY that the media can focus on the most important issue of the next debate. Is the US President going to allow Israel to drag the US into a catastrophic 10 trillion dollar war vs. Iran that could escalate to nuclear war? And, of course, Obama's October surprise: one on one negotiations with Iran.

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