Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gary Johnson Gets Into It at Paul Fest

Gary Johnson obviously was energized by all those young and fervent Ron Paul supporters in Tampa at Ron Paul Fest and did a really good job describing a pretty radical position. (He has Ron Paul to compete with after all!) I listened a couple times and probably missed whatever too-statist-y thing he had to say, but over all sounded REALLY good and a message that the majority of Americans would vote for - if they bothered to vote. And that even a slim majority of those who actually vote would support. Even fat government bureaucrats have to worry about losing their jobs and NOT finding one in the private sector now a days. But of course the elitist media barely gives Gary Johnson the time of day. Most stories emphasize wondering if he'll attract Ron Paul supporters or cost Romney any states in the election. All that nonsense to get a paragraph in here and there explaining cogently why big government and its big wars are the problem, not the solution!

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