Saturday, August 06, 2011

I felt THAT sunspot's solar flare eruption

Thursday August 4th I was standing by the window, doing the dishes, thinking about the dogs and housework and sewing and working on my current civil liberties-related Wikipedia article when suddenly I felt a wave of manic energy hit me and my mind started racing: I have to organize a meeting. I have to call people up. I have to start getting back into the world!

My first thought: there must have been a big solar flare from a sunspot!  Yup, a double solar flare, the biggest one since 2003, hit the earth on Thursday. Yoo Ha! Better get my ass moving so the revolution doesn't pass me by! See my woefully outdated article Sunspot Cycles and Activist Strategy. See - let's see how long it takes for me to update it now!

Evidently a bunch of rioters in London felt that solar flare too. And there was an even bigger one August 9th.

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