Monday, January 18, 2010

"Carol Moore" Verboten on

With China in the news lately - (China surpasses Germany as world's top exporter), (China's Baidu Cyber attacked), (China vs. Google) - I decided to go to the Chinese government-controlled search engine BAIDU.COM and see if "Carol Moore" and her awful politics was censored out of it. Indeed I was, except for some innocuous mention. Also searched, which was mentioned in a couple links, and the term secession, which had a number of returns.

Then today I went back to search again - and low and behold the site itself would not come up on either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Was my IP blocked? Searched around for others with the same problem and found a
discussion on verifying my suspicion. As one person replied to another complaining his IP had been blocked: "Should have thought about doing those BLASPHEMOUS searches before you wanted to see Reddit show up on a censored Chinese search engine, shouldn't you?"

It's just a matter of time before the Chinese people get fed up with this nonsense. Wait til Baidu sets up its planned video sites and they start censoring all those subversive videos. Then the Chinese people will REALLY get ticked off! Ha ha ha.

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