Thursday, December 31, 2009


While waiting to see if New York Times Square New Years Eve Celebration organizers will ring out the old year with John Lennon's IMAGINE for yet a 3rd year in a row... Here's a video of all the DC protests I did NOT attend in 2009. Will my sabbatical end in 2010?? The Magenta line above is the number of current sunspots, filling them with energizing negative ionization. As you can see there are ZILCH motivating people right now - but don't tell that to Iranian protesters.

Iran's authoritarians will fall within two years, you can bet on it. Maybe China's will within 5? And AMERICA's???? Time will tell... Depending in part on whether we Gandhian feminist secessionists get our butts moving...

Midnight Update:
Fox News yappers admitted it's a yearly tradition to play IMAGINE - and kept yapping. At least NBC let them just play the music! Let's fulfill the promise of the song a good bit more in this new year of 2010.

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