Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A momentary sigh of relief...

Well, at least we can relax that Mad Bomber McCain wasn't elected. Now we can watch and see if B. Hussein Obama's appointments show he'll be another warmongering socialist like Bush... or not. Come on, B. Hussein, at least register AIPAC et al as foreign agents!

In either case, two years from now a lot of people will be disappointed with B. Hussein. I assume we'll still think of him as a nice guy - unlike Clinton who showed his evil colors on April 19, 1993 when he made fun of 82 people killed by the feds and lost the house and senate the very next year.

And secession and radical decentralist direct supermajority political alternatives will just keep looking better and better.

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Craig Goodrich said...

Mmmpf. As to warmongering socialists, have you noticed that for at least the last century, in every Presidential year we vote for promises of peace and freedom, but wind up with yet more sabre-rattling and regulation? Remember that FDR was elected on a platform promising reduced Federal taxes and spending; LBJ was elected on the basis of promising peace; Nixon of EPA and price-control fame was the conservative; Carter promised zero-based budgeting -- and so on and so on. Obama may be just wonderful -- but don't hold your breath.