Monday, October 27, 2008

Obamies a Commie? Will he search my butt on DC metro?

Much as I hate 9-5 work and would love to get a $500 a week check for sitting on my butt, I worry under Commie-ism they might actually make me work 8 am to 8 pm and only pay me $500 a month! And what if I write that high consciousness radical decentralist best seller - commies won't let it be published, not to mention let me make millions off it. So dang, this video sure sounds like Obama wants to take the money I don't have and redistribute it to people who hate to work just as much as I do! (Or at least he did before he got in the Senate and realized commie-ism is just so anti-globalization protest passe.)

Of course, unless Obama declares martial law he won't get too far since congress knows too much socialism, especially if coupled with more wars and violent enforcement of gun laws, ala Waco, could lead to another 1994 - Republicans taking over congress in 2010.

In any case, I'd rather fight a commie-izing president than just live in terror of one bent on nuclear destruction to avenge his six years in prison camp or whatever McCain's psychopathology is.

Speaking of martial law, is Obama really going to continue with this new policy of random searches of riders on the DC metro. Especially, I bet, ones who flaunt their keffiyahs like I do?

I might freak out and start speaking really crappy German: "Vas is das? You vant to touch my body? Sieg hiel, mine fuhrer, your vishin is my commandin!" Or I can just count and see how many 8 or 10 or 14 people they are "randomly searching" and make sure I'm not in that count! And let them bite their tongues as I flounce by in my Kafiyyeh.

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