Monday, September 08, 2008

Smak Dem Christians Down...

The horror stories about Sarah Palin's incompetence, opportunism, revenge seeking, egotism, unfaithfulness and long time membership in a church that thinks the whole world is going to be destroyed except Alaska continue to proliferate... After all didn't her minister recently say God was going to STRIKE AMERICA DOWN? Is that the same as "God damn America??" (Is Palin part of the plan to strike America down?)

As we all know Christianity through the centuries most often has been a faith run largely by corrupt opportunists who only repeat the Sermon on the Mount if it suits their nefarious plans, but prefer to scare the heck out of people with fire, brimstone, nazis, communists, islamists, etc. to keep them under control. Sarah Palin is no different and probably will set up a big concentration camp for all the journalists and bloggers who diss her before she -- universal consciousness forbid - gets elected VP. And then when "God takes McCain" (his rage attack over her antics causes a heart attack??) and Sara becomes president. This hilarious video by Jay Spears makes the point that this is NOT a Christian nation.

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