Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Low Consciousness Post - Lipstick on McCain Pig

I know, I know. I should be posting ideas and strategies and resources for raising human consciousness so abominations like large nation states, patriarchal theocratic religions and 2 years of 24 hour a day cable news coverage of U.S. presidential elections would be distant memories of atrocities enshrined in the holocaust museums of the future.

Next post. I PROMISE!!!

Update: The good news is that Christopher Ketcham has an opinion piece in today's Los Angeles Times entitled The Americans secessionist streak about secessionist sympathizers from Sarah Palin (yes, you ARE girl) to the 22% of Americans who support secession to the North American Secessionist conventions.

Here's the relevant quotes about the Lipstick Secessionist: Sarah Palin's secessionist sympathies sparked minor hysteria last week. Her crime was hailing with round praise the work of the cranky Alaskan Independence Party, which advocates a statewide plebiscite on the secession of Alaska from the Union. "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government," the party's late founder, gold miner Joe Vogler, once said. "And I won't be buried under their damn flag." Palin's husband was a member of the AIP for seven years, and Palin herself has courted the AIP for more than a decade. In an address to the party convention this spring, wearing a ski parka and looking like she was about to decamp into the back country, Palin told the secessionists, "Keep up the good work."

Could it be that Palin, like her minister, thinks in the last days after God destroys the rest of the nation and Alaska becomes a "refuge state," it will secede?


HKyriazi said...

Wow! And I liked what I heard from her before! (Including her admiration for Ron Paul.) This is stellar!

CarolMooreReport said...

Hmm, did you read the last line? I think she's probably just an opportunist who only supports what helps her personally - unless of course she links secession to her nutty ideas about Alaska being a refuge for the last days. Unless of course she doesn't believe any of her church's views and just joined that for opportunistic reasons.

HKyriazi said...

Yes, I read it, but I hope she continues to be able to separate her governmental duties from her religious beliefs. Just having someone in high office who appreciates the Alaska Permanent Fund (I'm a geo-libertarian, so I'd like to expand that program to all states and to include land values as well as oil and mineral extraction values), along with the right of secession, gun rights, etc., is exhilarating.