Monday, February 04, 2008

Insane McCain - More Videos

When you've got nut jobs like Ann Coulter and certain acquaintances of mine who have hated Hillary Clinton for years saying they would vote for Hillary over McCain, you know you have a guy who can truly unite left and right! Of course, some left wingers applaud his more fascistic, pro-government views.

These two videos from Ron Paul supporters are pretty amusing. Wish I could find the one where he's screaming "Shut up! Shut up!" at a woman trying to ask a question about immigration. Given his insane temper, it's likely he'll have a stroke or a heart attack on the campaign trail. But these stupid republican poll numbers show far too much support. Do they really think he'll control himself during debates against Hillary or Obama and not go INSANE??

McCain is being voted in by people who are scared shitless of a Mormon. SURPRISE!! Romney may be a little flakey and dodgey, but he's not itching to push the red button.

Meanwhile Ron Paul gets 5-7% of voters - and probably 20% of the half who don't vote. The beginning of a solid critical mass to make a libertarian/secessionist revolution at the height of the next sunspot cycle around 2010-13. You heard it hear first.

And lest we forget, McCain's verision of BOMB BOMB IRAN- More broken internet cables to the middle east anyone?

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