Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pauloween Party Video - Guy Fawkes Fundraising Blitz

Got a head cold running in and out making this video on Halloween, but it was a fun party! A fund raiser for Ron Paul with the fun title "Pauloween." Guess what toilet article the costume prize was? And guess who won? Hint, today's the "5th of November" -- Guy Fawkes Day -- and Ron Paul raised over $4 million dollars in one day!
Pretty good for a guy who wants to legalize pot and bring all the troops home from everywhere! CNN did a story about this fund raising miracle and there were more than a 130 articles on New.Google as of now. None of the other republicans have been able to do as well!! Well, maybe Hillary or Rudy in a room full of war profiteers.

PS. Ron Paul's money bomb' broke the Republican one day record. Doubt the warmongering neocons will learn a lesson from that. November 11, Veterans day is the next money bomb. Below is photo of MY Halloween costume - a "FOOL FOR LIBERTY." Yoo Ha! (Note Peaceful Anarchy and SECEDE! buttons.) See my reports on the November 2006 "V" protest and the March 2007 one.

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