Monday, April 02, 2007

Constitutionalists and Declarationists

Constitutionalists are people who believe that we can fix the U.S. Constitution by interpreting it narrowly as it is written -- or they believe it is written. Of course, some Constitutionalists will interpret it as meaning more freedom on their pet issues, but not on other people's pet issues with which they disagree.
Declarationists pretty much agree the Constitution is a failed experiment because its various provisions have not been able to protect us from encroaching tyranny. They hold as their founding principle the Declaration of Independence and especially its third sentence asserting the people's "right to alter or abolish" government. They may promote a variety of constitutional alternatives. I promote radical political decentralization and confederated communities at
March 30, 2007 I joined the
We the People Foundation "Right to Petition" Vigil at the White House which featured dozens of "V for Vendetta" characters whose message was "Obey the Constitution or Else."
Unfortunately, a few of them did not like my ad hoc costume or my sign below reminding everyone the Declaration of Independence says "it is the right of the people to alter or abolish" government. But a couple agreed that that was one thing "or else" might mean.
See my VERY cool video with controversial background music.

And more photos
here. And t-shirts, bags, etc with that slogan here.
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Wayne Madsen Report. Photo below courtesy of IsisImagery.Com
. She has more photos there.

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What a nice demonstration.

Good luck.

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