Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Truly Exciting Blog: Grandmother Embedded in Iraq

Jane Stillwater's Web Log started as this self-styled hippy grandmother's personal opinions. Her funny and on-target peacenik rants were so entertaining and popular that pretty soon publications were sending her to Iraq, Africa and other exotic locales to report. She's been written up in international publications like the Times Online and the BBC and lots of U.S. and local west coast publications. She wrote a book about her first trip to Iraq, available at Amazon.com. She is now on her second trip to Iraq as an embedded reporter.
Titles of some recent blog entries include: Battle fatigue: Me and Oprah in the Green Zone; Bush leagues: How GWB lost the World Series to Iran; Gossip Girl in Kuwait: Is IRAQ going to be Bush’s next Ground Zero?; Ramadan for dummies: How to survive without food until sunset; Truth & Reconciliation: The Israeli neo-cons need to 'fess up!; Alcoholism in Africa: You know it's a problem here when even I start looking good!; How I spent September 11: Getting tested for Alzheimer's....;Touring an African jail: I found an empty cell here for George Bush!
Keep up the great work, sister!

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