Monday, July 16, 2007

Final "Waco" Davidian Prisoner is Free!

After fourteen years imprisonment, the final Branch Davidian survivor and prisoner Livingstone Fagan is free and returned to his family in England. (Fagan in bottom photo.) Fagan served a year longer than the other six prisoners pictured because he non-cooperated with the system by refusing to work, for which he was punished with a longer term.
Fagan's freedom brings to a close a major - and totally unintended - chapter of my life.

It opened on February 28, 1993 when Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco agents attacked a building filled with mostly women, children and the elderly, shooting blindly from the ground and from helicopters, killing 6 people. Four federal agents died. After fifty-one days of harassing the survivors to keep them in a building filled with evidence of BATF crimes, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in army tanks attacked killing another 76 people. The government went on to prosecute and convict nine Davidians.
Local Washington, D.C. libertarians started The Committee for Waco Justice which went on to do protests on the anniversaries, as well as protests to defend the prisoners, some of whom were abused in custody. And I wrote a book The Davidian Massacre which received wide publicity. I also helped the Davidians obtain the gun rights attorney who helped cut their sentences by 25 years!
For an overview of the government's crimes against the Davidians, the Davidian trial and its prosecutorial misconduct, news through the year 2000, and to buy my book see my site CarolMoore.Net/Waco.

Livingstone Fagan's last letter to me from the immigration holding facility where he awaited deportation is a stunning indictment of the American system. A few quotations, as written, below:
Something I have noticed from my experiences as a foreigner in the U.S. I'm writing not as a tourist, rather from a more direct encounter with the harsh realities of America. Where the constitution allows for slavery by tieing it to crime and punishment. Since America has historically depended on slavery (making it inherently a part of its culture) invariably the impetus of slavery has come to prevail in law making/enforcement as a whole. America thus has come to enslave itself through its laws.
Recent events and the related "War on Terrorism" has served to solidify this under another name. This has largely to do with preventing the dissolution of the Union which would curb the immense power and control conferred upon those who rule through it. The perpetrators of this mischief did it in an attempt to conceal their identity and purpose. Using the cover of law to serve their own greed and self-interest at the expense of citizens of America and indeed the world beyond.
They perfected the art of lying, manipulation, theft and the use of violence in the course of their iniquity. This has served to rout out from the Soul of America whatever pretention to "righteousness" it may have claimed. You cannot measure moral righteousness in monetary terms, which is what America has sought to do. In any case and despite appearances to the contrary, America is BROKE!
Thank you, Livingstone! If you read my book you'll see that one reason the government went after the Davidians is because it feared the religious group was living like secessionists, in their "own little country." However, here it just sounds like Livingstone is merely predicting the future.
"WACO" should teach us how wickedly the government can deal with perceived secessionists who own guns. Just one of many reasons I continue to preach non-violent action and secession.
Anyway, as Livingstone points out, the U.S. government is doing a great job of morally and financially bankrupting itself. So nonviolent secessionists offering morality, respect and paychecks to those who might be ordered to hold the corrupt union together certainly would be smarter than scaring and threatening those enforcers of law who themselves may be pretty danged fed up.
Of course, if the union breaks itself up through nuclear war, those survivors out in the boonies will need their guns to protect against maurauding critters, human and animal. Hopefully, we will not be reduced to that level of bare survival consciousness. For a good scare, look at some of the videos on this site.
Drawing of prisoner Livingstone Fagan by Miriam Lizcano.


Anonymous said...

Carol, if I haven't thanked you for this important work, well, thanks.

Before I was "Angela Keaton," you autographed a copy of your book for me.

Glad we lived long enough to see this.

Sammy Finkelman said...

April 19, 2010: Dick Morris just said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox that Bill Clinton wanted to replace Janet Reno for his second term, but Janet Reno threatened to tell the truth about Waco, and that forced his hand and he had to keep her. Sean Hannity said he never heard that before and Dick Morris said he had never told it before.

My first question is that wait - she couldn't do that, because she'd be implicating herself. But then, such a threat might be enough to get Clinton to keep her.

Actually more possible is that she threatened to say something about Waco - not necessarily the full truth. It certainly would be possible to tell a half and partial truth about Waco that could get Clinton in trouble but would leave her safe - Clinton could not say anything further without implicating himself. and while you could say maybe there is a way to handle it you couldn't redict how it would all end if something was started.

There is still another question. That would only gain her four years. Maybe it was only this - she didn't want to leave office - maybe didn't consider quite sfe to leave office - while Bill Clinton was still President.

This was probably a planned disclosure by Dick Morris (considering that today is the anniversary of the Waco fire. Morris was asked about the claims Clinton has made about verbal attacks leading to whatever and he said you have to consider what was actually in McVeigh's mind if you can know what was in such a person's mind - the problem with such an assertion is this: McVeigh blamed the federal government in general - lower ranking people - NOT Bill Clinton in any way. The truth may have been that it was Clinton but McVeigh subscribed to something where the government in generakl was doing things, and if he had not, he never would have taken part in the attack on the Murrah Building. Dick Morris just wanted to get this tidbit out, which is probably moderately inaccurate, and used the chance that he had, saying it by the way without slowing down or indicating anything in the modulation of his voice that this was something important to know.

I wonder anyway just how much Morris knows. What Morris probably knows is that the Waco fire was something about which Clinton felt he had something to hide and I think he said something to that and I don't know if he has any idea exactly what unless he's read something.