Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Guessing at "Jericho's" Conspiracy Theory

I have been watching CBS television's new mystery adventure series JERICHO about mysterious nuclear explosions that take out a number of American cities -- but obviously is an attack well short of full blown nuclear war. The residents of the small Kansas town are left without electricity, food, outside communications and soon fall prey to local criminals, as well as murderous looting private military contractors (shades of Iraq?). However, there is at least one new resident whose secretive actions seen by the audience suggest he had advance notice. And then there are those food aid pallets dropped from Chinese transport planes and including leaflets from our Chinese friends. However, we are left to wonder why some of the rigging of the pallets plainly is U.S. military issue.

During a DC911Truth event I listened to the brilliant young Daniel Abrahamson of FalseFlagNews.Com scare the heck out of the audience with a listing of government-sponsored terrorism, impending economic collapse and various war scenarios.

I began to wonder if Jericho was going to unravel the following scenario: American elites, totally in hock to China, decide to "sell America" to the Chinese for their own benefit. They do so by working with military elites with their own selfish agenda who explode a dozen or so bombs. On Washington, D.C., of course, to eliminate the political elite, and on enough large cities to thoroughly demoralize Americans. Invited by the cooperating elites and surviving politicians, China then comes in as our "best friend" and takes over politically through puppet governments. And you can bet they make sure every single one of the 200,000 million surviving Americans in credit card debt to banks owing China trillions of dollars pay off their debts with interest -- working at jobs paying 98 cents per hour.
All copies of the Declaration of Independence are quickly burned.
I don't know how Jericho will turn out, but it does make me think about my July post about that huge Chinese Embassy in Washington - almost as big as the American Embassy in Iraq?? Obviously, it is in the interest of the American and Chinese people to throw off BOTH our governments, the American one that is encouraging us to go into hock to the Chinese government, and the Chinese one that is stealing money from underpaid Chinese workers to do it!

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Anonymous said...

Good to see someone else in this world is doing there homework.

I myself have been watching these shows and searching for the typical elite "bread crumbs" of mocking us. much like in Oklahoma city, with the book "The Final Jihad" and the pilot episode of the "lone gunmen" for 911.