Monday, July 03, 2006

Rachel Corrie, Where are you?

Today went down to the Folk Life Festival on the national Mall to check out the Latino Chicago music festival -- and the huge Caterpiller truck that was part of the Canadian exhibition. To give tribute to the brave nonviolent activist Rachel Corrie who was killed in 2003 while trying to stop Israeli colonialists from demolishing yet one more Palestinian home, I circled the tractor twice singing in my loud but mellifluous voice: "Rachel Corrie, Rachel Corrie. Where are you? Where are you? Caterpiller killed you. Caterpiller killed you. Israel, too. Israel, too." I then spoke with several of the tourists, some of whom knew who she was and were sympathetic to my mini-protest.
Let not a day go by that we do not protest the creeping facism that is taking over our country. Having written a book about the government's murder of the Branch Davidians, I know how much damage large peices of equipment have done to our nation. (As an advocate for the prisoners during the 1990s I organized protests against the torture of one of them at Levinworthuntil they transferred him out. And I helped 5 of them get the attorney who knocked 25 years off their sentences, so they are being freed this year.)
In 1994, the year after the Waco massacre, naive Americans voted the Republicans back into control of Congress, in part to punish Clinton and the democrats who had heartlessly defended the massacre. But it was Republican administrations who had created the militarization of law enforcement that led to Waco. And during their 12 years control of Congress they have passed even more vicious laws that have turned the U.S. into a defacto militarized police state. And of course they were cheered on by the neocons and the Israel Lobby who put the interests of Israel first. So it's just a short jump from Waco to Rachel Corrie. How big of a leap are Americans willing to take to get our freedom back??
See my website for the text of my book The Davidian Massacre and lots of photos of our 1990s Waco protests.

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