Monday, July 03, 2006

Libertarian Secessionists Unite!

"It is the right of the people to alter or abolish (government). " Declaration of Independence, 1776
I just got the news that the neocon traitors who run this country infiltrated the Libertarian Party (under the guise of being moderates or libertarians-lite) and deleted most of the platform planks, including those against military interventionism and secession. I was one of hundreds of hard core libertarians who didn't even bother to put up a fight - or attend the bi-annual convention held in Portland, Oregon - because the party has proved itself to be a vehicle that attracts people willing to sell out principles for power.
However, I'm not discouraged! That's just more ex-LP members available to join the growing secession movement. Of course, I guess we'll have to start a WASHINGTON DC LIBERTARIAN SECESSIONISTS group to make sure all the big politicians know where libertarians REALLY stand: LIBERTARIAN = SECESSIONIST.
But why keep secession to ourselves? We couldn't if we tried. The liberal Blue States were talking secession when Bush stole the 2004 election. Wait until Hillary wins in 2008 despite the best cheating the Republicans can do. The Red States won't just talk about secession, they'll do it! Only a neocon or an idiot would remove secession from the LP platform.
Who wants to fund the Libertarian Secession Conference in DC this fall? If you haven't been to yet, get there now! I discuss COMMUNITY-based secession, communities voluntarily formed by individuals. The above graphic represents the tens of thousands of communities that will secede from the union and self-organize into regional, continental and worldwide networks and confederations to fulfill certain minimal functions. But all will retain the most basic political right of both individuals and communities -- the right to secede.


Demimonde Mesila Thraam said...

I'm right there with you; thanks for mailing me about your blog. Though I'm rather left-leaning it's more of a "have been all my life" thing. I don't think left and right mean much any more, not in the context we face today. Anyone who wants the government to get out of Iraq is called a leftist, by people who barely know what it means, and unfortunately there's almost as much stupidity on "my" side.

I've been beginning to conclude that the Democratic party is failing on purpose. My god, duh, it's been infiltrated, why didn't I see this before? The election of '04 was so farcical that anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see it. Two guys from Skull and Bones running against one another? That's not conspiracy theory. I don't give a damn what weird rituals this "frat" practices, what I notice is that it recruits 15 persons a YEAR; there can only be from 60 to 75 or so alive at a time. THAT is the thing to notice. These people really have taken over, and Bones is just one tentacle. an idiot I voted for Kerry. Like so many others who are scared to death of the Bush Cabal's insanity, and George's growing power lust, the growth of Dominionist church factions, etc.

Your notion of secession is one I'd not encountered yet and I find it interesting.I have to think about how workable it is. The big problem as I see it is corporatism. We have US postal stamps being geared to run corporate ads, roads in Illinois being sold to multinationals, everywhere I look this sort of thing is going on. The government's being sold to companies. Corporations are deciding when and where war happens. They are slowly eroding everything we take for granted in the way of freedom.

Even though Mussolini compared corporatism with fascism saying it was a better name for it, it's still irritiating to hear Bush called a Hitler, because in many ways he's worse. People didn't have television in the thirties. Nor were there nuclear weapons.

The thing about your map is that I am not sure Americans are ready for utter decentralisation. Corporatism will surely suffer a major blow when the oil runs out as will all of us, and after some number of years the USA may revert to a township/feudalist mode. Right now, however, I think it's going to be a matter of states, because people want to believe in security. I live in California and have been telling folks our own state government has been telling us to "think like a nation" for some time now. The thing is, I think we're two or maybe three nations--Southern, Central, and Northern (Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Fran Bay cities all the way up to Marin) and some say the state farther north of that is yet a fourth micro-nation. So perhaps in the long run that level of split will occur just because we can never agree on anything.

We can agree that the Feds don't give a damn when a State passes laws it doesn't like: we voted for medical marijuana and we have it, but keep getting interfered with. I would like to move the debate to the subject of secession, but the first answer EVERYONE gives is "Look at the Civil War. It will never work." I remind them that this is not the 1860s. The only thing that's the same is that it revolves around slavery, but of a much more massive group of persons than just blacks.

Corporations will love when the government has been bought out, and no worker protections of any sort exist, and no small business can compete with them. (As it already virtually is in areas non-metropolitan.) This is a problem secessionists must face.

I tell my liberal compatriotes that they're wasting their time writing letters to a bought-out Congress and suggest addressing them to Fortune 500 CEOs instead.

How would you propose to keep corporations from destroying the micro-states?If they can buy the US government, and make no mistake, it's happening right now, 'twill be nothing for them to buy off a township.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

States steal property from others and then sell it to corporations, as well as shield them from liability, subsidize them, etc. Without those priveleges, corporations are neutered. Secede from the state, and you decrease the strength of the state to empower corporations.

At the level of the township or small community, more people would be aware of a corporate interest in the area and could simply vote no, or boycott. With political power closer to home, people would feel more empowered.

Corporations only have power because the state grants it to them. Corporations still have to be chartered, and must appeal to the state for that privelege. Secede from the state and you decrease the strength of the state to benefit corporations. And of course one can always simply NOT BUY corporate crap, but you MUST pay your taxes.

That's a real difference between left and right decentralists and radicals. Is the state more evil than corporations or vice versa? I'd still have to say the state, which FORCES all to patronize it, whereas at least with a Wal-Mart one can just avoid it.