Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gaza Assault and Taking on the Israel Lobby and the Neocons

I'm finding one draw back to blogging is you may have to establish a whole context for whatever issue you are writing about. Since Carol rushes in where angels fear to tread, I spend a lot of time letting the peace movement know about the latest evil doings of Israel and its powerful lobbies, especially in the United States - and nagging them to do something about it.
For example, the other day in circulating the article Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus I wrote the following nag as introduction: "Of course, until we start to organize against the Neocon and Israel Lobbies that promote US support for this vicious colonialist occupation and attack, we will stand powerless."
In introducing another I wrote: "Let's not forget this violence all started when Israeli boats strafed the Gaza Beach and wiped out most members of a family and injured dozens of others. Was this a deliberate provocation working up to starting a regional war, including Syria and Iran, which will bring in the United States and permit the use of nuclear weapons to devastate Iran? And will peace activists oppose the powerful neocon and Israel Lobbies that are DRUMMING UP BUSINESS for the military industrial complex??"
Below are some of the pages I've created on this issue:
** Neconcon, Israel Lobby and Christian Zionist War Lobbies/
**Sampling of news and opinion, as well as a chart analyzing pro and con arguments about the extremely important paper "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" by professors Walt and Mearsheimer.
**April 2006 DC Forum “Is the Israel Lobby Promoting War on Iran? Can the "‘Harvard Paper"’ Stop a War?”
** Photos of DC Protests against the Neocons and Israel lobby, many spearheaded by yours truly.
** Israeli Nuclear Threats and Blackmail
Here's a photo of Carol at the March 2006 protest against the American Israel Public Affairs Comittee (AIPAC) annual conference. More photos linked from DC Protests and Carol Moore Protest Photos.

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