Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Carol Moore and I'm Not Fooling Around

On CarolMoore.Net I ask the big questions: "Can we move from a world ruled by God and State to a world alive with Consciousness and Community? Can we experience the one consciousness underlying the many faiths? Can we create networks and confederations of autonomous, self-governing communities to replace violently unified, warring nation states?"
In the first short version of my book "Consciousness and Community: Transcending God and State" I hold that "consciousness is both the nature and purpose of reality and that we must align our ethics and our politics accordingly."
Only revolutionary transformation of human consciousness and human action can save us from the nuclear holocaust which our current leaders have planned for us, unconsciously if not consciously. But why ruin a beautiful post by naming them.
So for those who come here afterwards, remember this was written by a mere woman, on a moderately bad day, who still had a lot of hope in her heart that we can actualize the dream of the FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE OF LOVE first articulated more than 40 years ago... ALL WE NEED IS LOVE... I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME AND WE ARE ALL TOGETHER... IMAGINE THERE'S NO COUNTRIES... AND NO RELIGION TOO...
Consciousness rocks... religion just ruins it... Community rules... the state should not.
Comments in the spirit of searching for truth welcome. Low consciousness ape like yammerings will be striken from view.


IsisDC said...

It looks great darlin!

Welcome to the realm of blogging!


Anonymous said...

God/religion is really only dangerous when conflated with the State. For most of the hundreds of millions of religious around the world, their beliefs are harmonious with their sense of community.