Friday, July 10, 2015

One Flag Down, Hundreds More to Go!

Speaking of flags, per the July 4th image below... Right now the confederate flag is coming down in South Carolina.  Good riddance.  As any good libertarian knows, that flag and all flags symbolize the RIGHTS of STATES to get away with as much oppression as they can fool or bully the people who live under them to accept.

The civil war was a war for states' rights, not individual rights, as slaves, Native Americans and women of the time could tell you. The states didn't want the federal government imposing those economic restrictions and tariffs either, they wanted the STATES to impose most laws and taxes.

Slave states that pushed that STATE RIGHT to the point of secession were dealt with harshly by the federal government.  Slave states that did not secede were allowed to keep their slaves a couple years longer than those that did.  So it was a war to free the slaves of SOME states...  It wasn't a war for individual rights, but what war ever really is?

War is about economic and political elites trying to control other peoples and territories, and kill or drive off those not willing to live under the yoke of the state and its by-the-elite-and-for-the-elite laws. As the Eastern Russian speaking Ukrainians, Palestinians concentrated in camps by Israel, Kurds suppressed by several states, Sunnis oppressed by Shiites and Shiites oppressed by Sunnis, Tibetans, Scotlanders, Catalandians in Spain, etc etc etc can tell you.

My two music videos below express my sentiments on the matter... Or see my sorely-needing-updating-revamping site Secession.Net!

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