Friday, June 19, 2015

Psychotic male strikes again.... It's Patriarchy, Stupid!!!!

Charleston AME Church

Yup, another young psychotic male shoots up a bunch of people, and what is the conversation always about? Gun violence. Gun control. Racism. Supremacism. Police violence. Gang violence. Drug violence. Terrorism. ISIS. US/Israeli imperialism. Ukrainian right sector. Sometimes they even mention mental issues or prisons that only create more skilled criminals. Some non-mainstream media sources mention which anti-depression drugs the psychos were on when they committed their crimes.

But what do all these males have in common? THEY ARE MALES!!!  Products of the psychotic psycho-dynamic called PATRIARCHY.  One gets so tired of having to analyze and categorize and denounce each and ever incident. Sure, women commit violent crimes, but it's usually under the influence of some guy or a result of postpartum depression.

Radical means getting to the root. And the root of human suffering is the psychotic IDEA that dominant males should rule (whether they pose as males or transgenders) just because they are stronger and have a bit more testosterone than females.  And everyone else should behave according to whatever the male-defined ideology is regarding sex/gender, race, religion, culture, politics, economics, etc. --- or else.   And thus we get a world of woe.  
 Wake up, women and rationale men, raise your consciousnesses, transcend all the gender stereotypes, live, love and cry in a healthy manner...

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