Sunday, May 17, 2015

The dreams of the Sixties' sixty-somethings

I loved the ending of AMC's MAD MEN. Screwed up adman Don Draper OOOming happily on a California hilltop - and the last scene is "Buy the World A Coke" advert.  In the story he was supposed to be in charge of the CocaCola account - if he ever returned to the advertising firm from playing hippy hooky. Artistic license of course, not the real story. 

I worked for several months in 1972 in one of the biggest agencies in New York City and it sure brought back old memories. Except by then most of the younger secretaries ran around bra-less and in jeans. See photo of me holding what we used to smoke in the creative department.  And lots of other places in the building.

Just because the revolution of love, peace and non-aggression didn't happen after the famous "Buy the world a coke" advertisement below, doesn't mean there aren't lots of people who remember there was such a dream from the generation of us Sixties, Sixty-somethings. Including still held by the younger generation which the show's producers and writers represent. So let's chalk it up as one more win for higher consciousness and liberty!

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