Friday, September 19, 2014

Scots decide to postpone independence til after catastrophe

Being a radical decentralist, I do not think that a 51% vote should force all Scots to declare independence from Britain. So I can't be too disappointed by the vote. Of course, it would be fun to see the English imperialists whose grand-daddies murdered millions of captive peoples over hundreds of years get a good sock in the nose. (Think Ireland and India, in addition to Scotland.) 

Of course, as a radical decentralist I think that any one who wants to get out from under the the British boot should have a right to do it today. Looks like 53 percent of Glasgow is ready!  

But I predict that Scots eventually will declare independence. Like when the British economy collapses again under the weight of debt caused by militarism, the looting rich and too many Brits on the dole. When half those working for the British government loose their jobs, and two-thirds of those working for British corporations do as well, the Scots will be delighted to take back their land from the superiority complex-ridden but ultimately self-destructive British elites and their dumb supporters.  

I just hope Scotland doesn't have to take too many nuclear hits when the British imperialists help the United States promote nuclear war (accidentally or on purpose) with Russia.  Keep baiting the bear, you stupid wankers. 

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