Sunday, July 20, 2014

Libertarian metaphysics, ethics and social organization are the rising consciousness...

My views on most topics are well known by now: patriarchy sucks; violence sucks; organized violence in the form of the state sucks.

Metaphysical libertarianism (creative free will as basis of reality) and libertarian ethnics and social organization (liberty for the individual without threatened or actual violent coercion by individuals, groups or states; individuals create communities which network and confederate as needed to deal with common issues; super-majority/direct democracy within a contractual framework) is the solution.

This view must assume one follows libertarian metaphysics which rejects all those tyrannical patriarchal gods and their dominance and control fanaticism, as well as sexual stereotypes and automatic group think, of course. Anyway, my views aren't all that unusual.  Libertarian metaphysics and social organization are the rising consciousness.  Just a few examples are the insightful graphics and links below.  

So even if I croak off tomorrow and never finish my book CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITY: TRANSCENDING GOD AND STATE, the evolution of consciousness will happen.  The only question is, will it happen before or after we kill off 6 billion people in a nuclear holocaust, as Washington DC Imperialist Hawks are pushing us to do. REMEMBER THE 6 BILLION!!!
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JR said...

I just came across your blog and found this post. Im sorry but you are simply wrong to talk about a "libertarian metaphysics" Libertarianism qua libertarianism has absolutely nothing to say on metaphysics. As you should know it is a theory that explains the justification and limits on violence. Metaphysics is in the realm of theology, philosophy religion,etc. Those things are will differ from libertarian to libertarian.

So in the case of abortion for example there is libertarian view on abortion contrary to your bold assertions. A libertarian is not committed to one view or the other on strictly libertarian grounds. This is because the morality of abortion hinges on the question of the unborn. Is the unborn a person with rights that must be protected or does the unborn have no personhood? Either view will depend on ones personal values and beliefs outside of libertarianism which will inform one of how to see the metaphysics of human nature. I am a Catholic whose beliefs shape how I see the unborn. I see the unborn as a person whose rights are violated by abortion. You appear to be an adherent of a New Age metaphysical worldview and therefore you dont see the unborn the same way. You have the free will right to believe that but you dont have the right to label that as libertarian just as I dont have the right to see my views on the unborn as libertarian. Only after one has decided what the status of the unborn is then does libertarianism come into play.

Basically what Im saying is that your metaphysics is the result of your beliefs in the New Age and are not to be confused with libertarianism.

CarolMooreReport said...

Metaphysical libertarianism is the belief free will is inherent within reality and not just a capability of living beings and especially humans. People can reject whatever part of that view they like as not being part of ethical and political libertarianism. I'm promoting the idea that there is a continuum from the subatomic level on up and that should inform our views on all issues, including abortion. At least you are partially right in your libertarian views. :-)