Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Alter or Abolish Government Day!!

The American colonists of North America were the first to declare their independence from the colonial power. (Unfortunately, they were not as tolerant of the native Americans and African slaves who wanted to keep independent of them!)

Many declarations of independence have followed since.  I don't know how many have the most important phrase from that document:
But libertarians and freedom lovers of every stripe should have no doubt that all future declarations should include that phrase. So party on all you Americans who will hear the reading of the Declaration today and think "right to alter of abolish government??" What a concept!  And party on all of you worldwide who will hear it or figure it out someday.  Just like in the movie, one day July 4th may become a worldwide holiday.  When the alien centralist tyrants are finally deprived of their power.
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