Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New terrorist tactic - calling the wrong number...

The Edward Snowden leak of more evidence the government is spying on everyone (DUH!) probably gave overseas terrorists a great idea of how to spread chaos through America.  Using your pre-paid cell phone, call up thousands of Americans a day from downtown (name your favorite city filled with alleged terrorists) and tell them something cryptic that the government is sure is related to terrorism, hang up, throw it into a dump truck heading to the dump, and let the investigations and persecutions begin!!

Hello, Mrs. Smith? Yes, I am glad your daughter is going to marry my ... he he he...my brother from Afghanistan.  The wedding party will be in .. he he he....  your city hall.  Boy will that be a surprise party!  Thanks for doing all that great planning! .... As-salamu alaykum

Hello, this is your telephone service center. Would you like to hear about a free six month offer of service from your telephone company. It will just take two minutes to explain..... Israel first, screw America....

Hello, Jones Hardware? Have you got my gardening supplies? I need to ...he he ..decorate the roof of your tallest building there. Thank you for your aid and support!!.... Accept the Jesus of the sword or else!

Hello, Green and Black, attorneys? My uncle may be needing an attorney... very hush hush... your paralegal said you were all on board when we talked about it.  You know my uncle and his crazy cooking equipment! ..... Free Syria from the Allawites and give it to the Sunni fundamentalists!

Uh, oh, have I given terrorists a new idea? Hey, I got it from some yapper at CNN. Take THEM to Guantanamo!

Of course, they'd be more interested in hearing: "I've just invented a better website than facebook and I'll close it down within a year" so they can shut down the competition.  That's what Max Keiser said today.  Below some video of relevance.

UPDATES 6/19/13: 
* I still haven't heard explicit discussion of this issue on TV. Are they that stupid? Or just following media bosses instructions, gotten from those bloodsucking politicians and bureaucrats who regulate the airwaves?
* Not to mention when one receives very strange emails that could be terrorists trying to get you in trouble for NOT immediately going to the FBI. 
* When CNN today reports on the irony of Obama speaking at Berlin Wall and having to explain his spying program, they are beating bloggers to the punch; and you KNOW it will be harder for people to call you a tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist anymore! ;-)

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