Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looting the Giant Supermarkets

Standing in line at the grocery story Sunday, not paying much attention to my surroundings, I suddenly heard the checker in the next line saying loud - "They just ran out with their cart and didn't pay!" (They pretended they were waiting for a friend with the money for their filled up cart, but probably called to make sure the car was there for a getaway.)

I missed the action, but it certainly felt like a scene out of a catastrophe movie where people fill up their carts and some just run out, looter style.

That night, coincidentally, I read about a Church of England vicar who opined at a meeting with government officials that maybe it wasn't such a big deal if poor people stole food from Giant supermarkets.  He was banned from the priesthood almost immediately.

Yesterday, sitting around the doctors office with a dozen mostly overweight people like me, I watched several well dressed young drug pushers walking in and out like Princes and Princesses, barely announcing themselves to the receptionist. I wondered: hmmm, could it be drug companies own food companies to insure we're all poisoned with fast and crappy food so we are sick and need their drugs. Googled relevant terms and low and behold, CBS and ABC reported that drug companies and insurance companies invest billions in such companies.

Watched the film City of God yesterday and the reality of grinding poverty and crime as a way some ambitious or desperate or angry people choose to survive.  It's an ugly world out there, I'm afraid.  And current churches and states only add to the ugliness.

I have a lot of my previously used personal aphorisms (short catchy phrases) I could throw in right now, but maybe when I come up with a more effective and enlightening one, I'll add it here...

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